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A Winning Approach

We are trial lawyers, not litigators. What’s the difference? Everything we do from day one of an engagement is designed to persuade – and win – at  trial. We do all that is necessary, but not more than is necessary, to ensure that our clients achieve a successful outcome.

Our trial experience gives us an advantage in knowing what really matters at trial. And what really matters is making complex concepts, data, and information easy for the jury to understand. That’s why we conduct discovery with a scalpel and an eye to telling a simple story to the jury, rather than a hatchet in an attempt to unearth every document ever generated by the opposing party. We win by being smart and tireless in our preparation. Our time is spent crafting the finer points of our argument and presentation so that we can win by showing the jury the most important evidence and help them reach the right decision.

Finally, we counsel our clients from a business perspective. Many times taking a case to trial is the best approach and will either result in a favorable judgment or a better settlement for a client. But other times litigation is not the best route to recovery, and we counsel our clients accordingly.